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Genealogy Section

My main lines are Blackwell, Kitch, DeMars, & Parsons.  I also have fairly decent info on Hall, Liles(Lyles), Huey(Hughey), and Glenn.  But mainly I have Blackwell stuff.  I have lots of research left to do though.  I hope you find some useful info here.  For a full list of surnames, click on the Archives section.

Coat of Arms View the Blackwell Family Coat Of Arms

Pedigree charts Search through the Archives. (Last Updated last on 1 Oct 01)

Origins and Soundex Coding Origins of the Blackwell name, and Soundex Coding

View pictures of my ancestors

View Bloodline's

Origins and Soundex Coding My Research Notes - this is info on all Blackwells not just my line.
This is a lot of info and worth your time to check if you have Blackwell lines. I will put up new stuff as time allows, however I am a little behind at this point..

Here are some Genealogy Resources to Help in your search.  There are both WWW Links and Address' to write for information here.

Download a copy of my latest GEDCOM file
This is a constant work in progress.  Last Update 1 Oct 01
The GEDCOM is zipped with WinZip95.  If you have any problems with this info, please let me know.

If you see anyone you recognize from your Family Tree, or if you find any dead links or mistakes, Please let me know at shytnik@adelphia.net

Special thanks to the following people for helping me with my research and providing me information from their valuable research:  (These are no particular order, if I forgot you please let me know.)

    Clayton Blackwell Jr., Tim Blackwell, Hazel Blackwell, Eddy Smith, Fred Odom, Robert "Van" Blackwell, Brent Holcomb, Penny Blackwell, Leland Blackwell, James Goolsby, Rev. Richard Blackwell, Jerry Garrison, Millie Woodward, Carol Sikes, Jean Brandt, Linda Hughey, Laura Larkin, Jill Blackwell Hoel, Traci Parsons-Holder, Barry Michie, Donald Ash, Kellie Blackwell Hill, Jennie DeMars Blackwell Heater.