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These are poems that I wrote about 1988-89.  I went through a semi-creative stage and wanted to try my hand at poetry.  As if I didn't have enough hobbies.  Anyway click on the links below to read the poems.  Keep in mind I didn't say they were good, or that I am a poet, only that I tried it.  If you enjoy them please drop me an email and tell me.  If not, well I don't really need to hear that.  Enjoy!

Crossroads - this one is rather deep, but I think one of my better one's.
Visions Of Wonder - another deep one, my second ever.
Obsession- my first ever poem, not the best, just the first.
Decision - I don't know what the heck I was thinkin' here, I must of been depressed.
Game Of Life - my take on the life of a lost soul.
The Moment of Truth - fun poem of what it must be like to by shy.
The One For Me - your standard love poem.
What Is Life- short, thoughts to ponder.
Love - short disgust for love.
If - another real short one.
Broken Heart - moving on after heartbreak.
Untitled - short love poem, I don't even think I finished it.

If you think some of those were bad, there were 3 or 4 that I thought were so bad I was ashamed even post them!

Poems by others

A point to ponder
A soldiers Christmas

This one my sister wrote and I would classify it as a religious poem.  She sent it to me for my 21st birthday as a message while I was going through a stage of, well just being a heathen really.  It was a way for her to express what a relationship with Christ is like.  Thanks Kellie!

My Gift to You

Maybe there will be more if I find poems that others wrote, which I like.  Such as the one in my Patriotic section.