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Pumpkin Carvings

I started doing pumpkin carvings in 1999.  I saw some pictures on the internet of pumkins that looked like people.  I decided to give it a try rather than the same old cut out triangle eyes pumkins.  It is amazingly easy to do really.  I was unable to photograph them well in the first two years.  I got very few pictures of those done in 1999 and 2000.  Now with the digital camera, I hope to do better.  Click on the "My Pumpkin Carvings Page" link below to see the carvings.  If you are interested in learning to do them yourself, I  also have instructions on how to make patterns, carving them, and I will put my patterns online for download.  If you like them, please let me know.  In a few years if I get good enough, I may take request.  For now I hope you enjoy them.

No pictures for 1999

My Pumpkin Carvings Page

Click here to learn how to make pumkin patterns from photographs.

Click here for instructions on pumkin carving.

Click here for patterns. (Not yet Done)

Check out the real master.  The Pumkins Wizard
This is what got me started.

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