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El-hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Malcolm X

Chronology - A chronological listing of the events of the life of Malcolm X.
Photo Page - Some photographs of Malcolm throughout his life.
Quotes - some great quotes by or about Malcolm
Sources - My sources for all this information.
Eulogy - Eulogy delivered by actor Ossie Davis.
Playboy Interview - Alex Haley's Interview from Playboy Magazine.
Links - Links to other Malcolm X sites.

This page is dedicated to the memory of one of my personal hero's, El-hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X.   Now some people don't understand how a white man in the 21st century can hold important and look up to a Black Activist from the 50's and 60's.  We also hold different religions, I'm a Christian and he was a Muslim.  He is, I can understand, to first impression an unlikely hero.  But ideas of great men don't fall into neat little categories.  I am also willing to look at other aspects of a persons life than what you get here in America by listening only to history teachers and the "Media."  A friend of mine had a book about him and I really had no formal education on Black figures other than Dr. Martin Luther King,  he seems to be all anyone wants to talk about, so I got interested and did a lot of reading.  I now own and have read several books about him and of his speeches.  I of course have seen the movie by Spike Lee.  And have read his Autobiography with Alex Haley.  The bottom line is this:  I admire the man for his extreme dedication to whatever he believed in.  He always gave more of himself than any other figure I have seen throughout history.  He was not afraid to admit he was wrong and quick to give credit to others .  When he returned form Mecca in 1964, he came back and told America as a whole that he had been wrong.  All those years of preaching Black Nationalism and Separatism, of giving his all to that in the public eye, he had been wrong.  That we should be working to be united not separate.  That must have taken a lot of intestinal fortitude to admit such a thing.  Then he again resumed giving his all to achieve this goal, despite knowing it would bring him his death.  We don't see many men in America or in the world these days with that kind of value or discipline.  Much of America refuses to see his reform or his role and impact in the later years, but instead take short excerpts from his speeches, and look at his early days with the Nation of Islam, and make him out to be a hate monger, as he predicted.  I am by no means agreeing with anything he had to say during that time period.  It is easy to understand him if you look at his life as a whole and see where he came from.  What made him what he was.  Much of my knowledge and even quotes will come from the autobiography, or books about his speeches.  Although different agencies have published these books, all the copyrights belong to his wife, the late Dr. Betty Shabazz.